Top Five Mobile Vendors

The top five mobile vendors are shown by percentage of their total market share in 2019.

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iPhone Touchscreen Repairs

  All iPhone models have a capacitive touchscreen. Cap-what you say? Capacitance is how much electricity something is capable of holding. The electricity in one part of the screen is lighting it up. But in another part the of touchscreen electricity is just sitting doing nothing. Since the human body conducts electricity, when it comes [...]

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Three Reasons You Should Sell Us Your iPhone

So you have an extra iPhone.  Or maybe you switched to Android.  Or you need cash.  You'll be much better off selling your iPhone (or iPad or whatever) right here in Orlando, Florida instead of hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Deal with someone face-to-face.  You can call us right now at (407) 990-1061. Here [...]

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When (Phone and Computer) Worlds Collide

The world is completely wiped out by a huge planetary collision but yet humans start a new life on Bronson Beta in "When Worlds Collide."  Meanwhile, in actual Earth, the desktop computer has just been destroyed by a huge mobile phone collision.  But a new life is emerging where all kinds of consumer devices - cell [...]

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